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Our Store

Daily deliveries and in store flowers & Gifts

Our shop is aimed at providing awesome quality flowers you can collect or have delivered, any day of the week. 

With a funky and very rustic cool vibe you will find flowers of all kinds, groovy gifts and the best service.

We have a wide range of unique wildflowers and garden flowers delivered daily from the awesome Brindle Cottage, as well as all the flowers you love.

We also stock a range of handmade and interesting gifts and plants with plenty to choose from to make that delivery extra special.

Candles, baby items and toys, vases, cards, and lots lots more

Fresh flowers everyday with a wide selection of stunning wildflowers and unique foliage.  We have locally grown wildflowers, garden flowers and the most interesting and fun foliage and add ins

We Aim to create a memorable and unique experience, with simplicity for your special day.

We have a no compromise approach to helping you create the flowers, exactly how you want them. Weddings are not just an add-on to our business, we live and breathe them. We aim to make the whole process of choosing your flowers easy and enjoyable, as it should be.

If you are looking for the very highest quality of blooms available in New Zealand, crafted individually for you by perfectionist floral designers, please contact us today to organise a no obligation free quote, and have complete peace of mind that you will have only the very best on your most special day

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